sundayschoolsuperintendentI believe Sunday School is one of the most important components within our church.  In a world where God has been taken out of our public schools and His name is uncommon in the workplace, our Sunday School sessions provide the opportunity for our children and congregation to be taught Biblical principles that can be applied to everyday life. 
It is easy to get caught up in wordly things and to be stressed, anxious, and unsatisfied with life.  Sunday school gives us the opportunity to stop and meditate on the Word of the Lord and renew our hearts and our minds for the Kingdom.
My passion for Sunday School is summed up by the limited time we have each week to be in one mind and one purpose as a corporate body seeking His plan for our life.  If you’re searching for Biblical truth and answers, I encourage you to visit with us on Sunday morning. 
Thank You,

Travis Harrison, Sunday School Director at Counce United Pentecostal Church